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Add Dental Camera Images

Some Telehealth Carts include a dental camera for capturing images.  It displays live video and allows the provider to capture images to add to a patient case.  Note that you do not need to identify a patient before using the dental camera.

When using a dental camera on a Telehealth Cart, remember to use the Cart software to take images.  The dental camera itself may have a button for taking pictures and an internal memory.  While images captured into the internal memory of the dental camera instrument itself can be added to a case, it is cumbersome.  With a dental camera that has its own internal memory, the images also stay on the dental camera until manually overridden, and there is risk of adding an image to the wrong case.  Details are provided if an image is accidentally captured with the dental camera handpiece into the internal device memory and needs to be added to a case in the Add Images from Dental Camera section. 


Capture Dental Camera Images

Save Dental Camera Images

Place Sheath on Dental Camera Handpiece

Focus Dental Camera

Add Images from Dental Camera Instrument