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Add Digital Images/Video

The Telehealth Cart includes a digital camera that can capture digital images and video clips.  The camera either has a docking station that connects it to the software or is directly connected via USB cable.  In order to add an image/video from the digital camera, ensure that the camera is active and connected. A Patient does not need to be selected before adding digital images and video.

Digital images and video (as well as document files) can also be added to a case using a portable USB drive or other removable media in conjunction with the multimedia reader.  If the drive/reader is connected to a cart, images, videos and documents located on it will be read automatically when using the Digital Camera feature.

To add digital images, videos or documents to a case:

Step 1:       From the Add To Case screen click on the Digital Camera button.  The Digital Camera screen opens and automatically scans for image, video or document files.  Thumbnail images appear on the left side of the screen.  Clicking on a thumbnail opens a preview in the center part of the screen.

Step 2:       Each file requires a label in order to be saved.  Click the thumbnail of an image/video/document.  At the bottom of the preview screen, click the field marked Label and enter a label. 

The image/video/document has a green check mark next to it, denoting that it will be saved.

Step 3:       Once all images/videos/documents to be saved have been labeled, click on the Save button.  Only those files with a green check mark will be added to the case. User is returned to the Case screen.

Please note that all files still remain on the camera, portable USB drive or removable media.  Manually delete files if you wish to discard them.  Images/videos/documents added to a case have a saved copy associated with the case.


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