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Add ECG Reading

The Telehealth Cart includes a digital ECG for taking ECG readings.  Note that you must identify a patient for a case before adding an ECG reading.

To add an ECG reading:

Step 1:       From the Add To Case screen, click on the ECG button.  If you have not already identified a patient, you will be prompted to do so.  The ECG screen opens.

The ECG screen lists information for acquiring the best ECG reading.

Step 2:       Prepare the patient and place leads in the proper locations.

Step 3:       Once the patient is ready, click on the Start ECG button.  The software for taking the ECG reading opens.  If electrodes are positioned correctly, heart-rate activity displays on the screen.

Step 4:       To generate an ECG reading, click Analyze.

In the lower right corner, the box for ECG Report will fill, and parentheses denote the number of reports taken.  Multiple reports can be taken.

A RR Variability report can also be generated.  To do so, click Start RR.

Step 5:       When finished generating reports, click Review  to be returned back to the ECG screen. Thumbnails of all readings are listed on the left side of the screen.

Clicking on a thumbnail will open the ECG software again and show the report.  When finished reviewing a report, click Exit to return to the ECG screen.

ECG reports automatically have a label assigned to them that is not editable.  The reports are also marked as saved by default.  Deselect the report by clicking on the green check mark to not save a specific report.  If a report does not have a green check mark next to it, it will be discarded once reports are saved and added to the case.

Step 6:       When all reports to add to a case have a green check mark next to them, click Save.  The report(s) is added to the case and user is returned to the Case screen.

For further details on using the ECG software, see the manufacturer’s user manual for the digital ECG.