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Add/Edit Sites

Step 1:       To add/edit sites from the System Admin screen, click the Sites button.  The Add/Edit Sites screen opens.


Existing sites are listed.  Narrow the list of sites by selecting Active or Inactive at the top of the list.  By default, Both is selected.  If there are multiple pages,  move through the pages by clicking on the Next and Prev buttons.

Step 2:       If creating a new site, click on the Click here to add a new site button.  If editing an existing site, locate the site in the list and click on the corresponding Edit button.  The site details open in the bottom half of the screen.

Step 3:       Enter/edit information for the group.

Field names in red are required.

Once a site name is assigned, it cannot be changed; be careful when creating site names.

If editing a site, the only site information editable is whether or not the site is active.

Step 4:       Click on the Apply button.  The site details close.