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Add Forms

When creating or viewing a case, forms can be added.  Note that when creating a case, a patient must already be identified in order to add forms. 

Step 1:       From the Add To Case screen, click on the Forms button.  The Forms screen opens.


Within this library there are different repositories.  The top repository is for the local organization.  Within this repository are any user-designed forms created by the local organization.

There is a repository labeled Standard Forms, which includes all standard forms released with the software.

If the local organization has a relationship with other organizations, a repository for that organization and any forms that organization has made are available for use.

To view forms, click on the plus sign next to a repository to expand the list. 

Within the repository, there may be additional folders.  To access the contents of a folder, click on the plus sign next to it. 

Step 2:       Locate the desired form and click on it.  The form will open for filling out.

Step 3:       Once a form is complete, click Save.  The form is added to the case, and the user is returned to the Case screen.


Some Helpful Hints for Filling out Forms

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