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Add Images from Dental Camera Instrument

Some dental cameras contain internal memory to store images, and the trigger button on the instrument captures images to the internal memory.  When using a Telehealth Cart, it is recommended to use the software to obtain images, as this restricts the images to the case.  Images taken by using the capture button on the handpiece itself can be added to a case, but it is more cumbersome and requires images to be deleted from the handpiece to prevent images being added to the wrong case.  The instructions provided here are not considered best practice when using the dental camera, but are provided in case the dental camera button is accidentally used on carts with this type of device.  Note that some dental cameras are configured to use the handpiece trigger button with the software; if your cart is configured in this way, you can use the handpiece capture button, as it adds images directly to a case instead of to an internal memory.

Step 1:       With the dental camera handpiece placed in the cradle, click on the Live button to ensure that the image will be displayed.

Step 2:       Locate the image on the handpiece by repeatedly clicking on the handpiece button until it is displayed.

Step 3:       Click on the Take Picture button.  The image will be added to the thumbnails on the left-hand side of the screen.  See the Save Dental Camera Images section.

Manually delete images from the dental camera’s internal memory.  The only way to do so is to override the images by taking new ones.

To override pictures, turn the dental camera off and back on again with the on/off switch on the device case, remove the camera from the cradle, and take pictures of a blank area until all patient images have been overridden.