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Add Patient to Case

Step 1:       From the Add to Case screen click on the Patient button.  The Patient Search screen opens.

Make sure that a profile does not already exist for a patient before creating a new patient profile in the system. 

Step 2:       To search for a patient, enter information for the current patient. 

Complete information is not needed to perform a search.   For example, entering “B” in the last name field will return results for all patients with a last name starting with “B”.  The more information entered, the narrower the return results will be.  Clicking on the Search button without adding any information in the search fields will return a list of all patients in the system. 

Step 3:       Enter search information for the patient and click Search.  If the patient profile exists in the system, click Select next to the patient’s name.

A confirmation screen opens.  If all information is current and complete, click Yes.  If the patient record needs updating, click Edit, update information and click Save

If no results are returned, create a new profile for the patient (see the Create a Patient section below).