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Add Post-Bronchodilator Tests to Same Test Set

Some spirometer readings may need to include both pre- and post-bronchodilator tests.  If both readings are to be included in the same test set, all tests must be completed before saving it to a case.  If a test set is saved to a case and post-bronchodilator readings need to be added, add the readings as a separate test set.

To add post-bronchodilator tests to the same test set:

Step 1:       From the Spirometer screen, click on the thumbnail for the test set.  The report opens.

Step 2:       In the upper right-hand corner, select the type of bronchodilator used with the patient from the drop-down menu.  If it is not listed in the drop-down menu, type it in. 

A pop-up window opens, stating that the report has changed and asking the user to save it.

Step 3:       Click on the Yes button.  The spirometry test screen opens. Perform tests and complete as normal.