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Add Scanned Items

The Telehealth Cart includes a scanner.  The type of scanner provided on each cart varies, but interaction with the software is the same.

When creating a case, scanned items can be added.  A patient does not need to be identified before using the scanner.

Step 1:       From the Add to Case screen, click on the Scanner button.  The Scanner screen opens.


On the right side of the screen are options for scanning.  Once an item has been scanned, use the Rotate button to orient the scanned image as desired.  The Save button is used once all scanned items to be saved are checked and are ready to be added to a case.  The Back button is used to go back to a case without saving any information.

The left side of the screen is where thumbnails of all scanned items will be listed.  The center section is a preview of the scanned image.

Step 2:       To scan an item, place it on the scanner according to the scanner’s setup (depending on the type of scanner, the area for placing documents may not match the image displayed when you first open the Scanner screen).  If using a scanner with a document feed, place the page(s) according to the indications on the scanner.

Step 3:       When ready, click the appropriate scan button.  If the item to be scanned has anything more than black and white text, select grayscale or color to get optimum scanning results.

Optional Step:  If using a scanner with a document feed, identify whether pages should be in one document or separate.

Once the item has been scanned, a thumbnail appears in the left side of the screen with the image displayed in the center preview area.  Scan multiple items, and each scan will appear as a thumbnail on the left-hand side.  Move between thumbnails to view a preview of the image by clicking on the specific thumbnail.  Note that if using a scanner with document feed and the document has multiple pages, the thumbnail will appear with a PDF icon.


If an image is not upright, click the Rotate button until it appears upright.

By default, a green check mark appears next to the thumbnail.  To discard a scanned item, uncheck the thumbnail by clicking on the green check mark.

A generic default label is added to each scanned item.  To change the label to make it more specific to the case, click the thumbnail.  Below the preview of the scanned item, click the field marked Label and enter specific label details.

Step 4:       Once all scanned items to be added to a case have a green check mark next to them, click the Save button.  Note that any scanned items without check marks for saving will be discarded.  User is now back at the Case screen.  If there is more to be added to the case, click on the Add to Case button.


Scanner Configuration