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Archive a Case

Once a case is complete, it needs to be archived to reflect that it is no longer an active case.  Cases are never deleted, but archiving a case places it in inactive status and removes it from current activity.  Archived cases can be viewed for reference, printed and have comments added, but cannot be made active again.  Make sure that a case is complete before archiving it.

To archive a case:

Step 1:       From the Case screen, click on the Done button.  The Send Case screen opens.  Note that you can return to the Case screen by clicking on the Case Viewer button on the right.


Step 2:       Click on the Archive button.  The Archive screen opens, with transmission details for being placed in archives.


Step 3:       Click on the Archive button.  User is returned to the Start screen, and the case is transmitted to archives.

For information on accessing archived cases, refer to Search Cases.