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Remote Desktop Connection is a feature in Windows operating systems that allows a computer at one location to connect to and run another computer at a different location. For example, people may use a computer at home to connect with and operate the computer at their office.

 Telehealth Cart software allows this feature to be used. This means a provider using a desktop computer at one location can log into and run a Telehealth Cart at another location. This may be convenient when a telemedicine case needs to be developed, but the personnel at the Cart’s location are not sufficiently familiar with the software to use it effectively. A remote connection can also be used to review a case; however, the Telehealth Web software is the preferred platform for this.

Note: Typically the Cart software is running on a Cart, but it is possible to install and run Cart software on personal computers running Windows.

When using Remote Desktop Connection, the remotely connected user has control of the Cart, with his or her computer screen displaying what would be seen on the Cart’s screen. However, the screen at the Cart itself displays only a login window and does not mirror the Cart’s activity.