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Calibrate Spirometer

The American Thoracic Society recommends that calibration be performed each day the device is used.  It is good practice to maintain records of when calibration is performed.  One option is to create a fictitious patient named “Spirometry Calibration” (as a test patient) and to save and archive all calibrations to test cases.  This provides a permanent record of calibrations that anyone can easily access.  Alternatively, a calibration can be saved when performing a spirometry reading with a patient, or the organization can print and file calibration reports.

Step 1:       Within the spirometry software, click on the Cal button.  The Spirometry Calibration screen opens, displaying the previous calibration.

Step 2:       Enter user name in the Performed By field and click on the New Cal button.

Step 3:       Attach the spirometer mouthpiece to the calibration syringe and click on the Start Cal button.  The Calibration window opens.

Step 4:       Follow instructions on the screen for obtaining a good calibration.  When enough valid calibration data has been collected, a window pops up showing the percentage difference.  If it is within the difference allowed on the screen, click on the Yes button.  Otherwise, click on the No button and repeat calibration.

Optional Step: To print the calibration report, see the Printing ECGs and Spirograms section.