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Capture Dental Camera Images

Step 1:       From the Add To Case screen, click on the Dental Camera button.  The Video Picture screen opens.


The preview screen will appear blank until the dental camera is removed from its cradle.

Step 2:       Remove the dental camera from its cradle, add a protective sheath to the camera (see the Place Sheath on Dental Camera Handpiece section below), and position the patient and yourself to easily view the image on the screen and have easy access to one of the image capture triggers (detailed below).

Step 3:       Position the camera for capturing images and focus the image.  Depending on what is being captured, you may want to pre-focus the camera to an estimated starting focus (see the Focus Dental Camera section).  Note that the image may be reversed.

Step 4:       Use one of the three options for capturing images:

Press the hand switch

Press the foot switch

Click or touch the Take Picture button on the screen

Note that while there is a button on the handpiece itself, it is NOT recommended to use it unless your device treats the handpiece button as an additional trigger for the software.  Not all dental camera devices are configured in this way.  Take multiple images and decide which images to save and add to a case when finished capturing with the recommended options above.

Step 5:       When finished, remove the protective sheath and replace the camera handpiece in its cradle.  The camera will automatically shut off.

Each image taken appears as a thumbnail on the left side.  Clicking on a thumbnail opens the image in the preview pane with a flashing red line around it, designating it as an image and not a live video feed.  Clicking the thumbnail adds a green check mark to the Save box next to it.  Click it again to deselect the image if it does not need to be saved.  Click on the Live button to return to a live video feed.

If an image is taken by pushing the button on the handpiece, see the Add Images from Dental Camera Instrument section.