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Case Data Recovery

With the release of version 5.3, the Telehealth Cart software has the ability to recover case information in the event of an unexpected shutdown. The next time the user who had been developing a case logs in on that Cart, he or she will be given an opportunity to open the affected case and review recoverable information.

Data recovery only pertains to the specific user and system (Cart or PC) where an unexpected shutdown occurred. For example, if a shutdown were to occur while a user was developing a case on a Telehealth Cart, the only way to recover that information is for the same user to log back into the same Cart. On login, the software will provide an opportunity to reopen the case that was in process when the shutdown occurred. Unsaved data is temporarily stored only on the original system, not on the server. Recoverable information is not affected if another user logs into the Cart and works on a different case.


Capabilities and Limitations

Recovery Procedure