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Create a Case

Within the Telehealth Cart software, a case is a collection of data connected to a patient visit.  Many different types of information can be included in a case such as:


Scanned Items

Digital Images and Video

ECG Reading

Tympanometer Reading

Vital Signs Details

Audiometer Reading

Spirometer Reading

Stethoscope Details

Video Otoscope

Dental Camera

To start a new case, log in.  From the Start screen, click on the Create a New Case button.


A pop-up window opens, asking which type of case to create.  The Test Case button is provided as a way to practice using the Telehealth Software without creating practice cases in the real case environment.

When creating a real case, click the Real Case button.  Please note that the test case feature performs  the same as a real case.  The only difference is that a test case will be color-coded purple with the words “Test Case” at the top.

The Add to Case screen opens, which displays all the different types of data to be added to a case.


From the Add to Case screen, add various data to a case.  Refer to the following topics for further details on each task within the Add to Case screen.

Add/Create Patient

Add Forms

Add Scanned Items

Add Digital Images/Videos

Add ECG Reading

Add Tympanometer Reading

Add Vital Signs Details

Add Audiometer Reading

Add Spirometer Reading

Add Stethoscope Details

Add Video Otoscope Images

Add Dental Camera Images

Add Images from Additional Video Devices