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Edit Personal Settings

When logged in, personal settings can be changed.  Access personal settings from the Start screen.


Step 1:  On the right side of the screen, click on the My Settings button.

The My Settings screen opens.

Step 2:       From here, edit email address and notification settings, select a language used on the cart, change your password or add/edit the e-signature password.  Case return options can also be changed.

Some systems may be configured to interact with Windows Active Directory, which allows users to log in  with Windows login credentials (the username and password used to sign into the networked desktop computer). If the system utilizes Active Directory, then the password cannot be changed from within the Telehealth Cart software, but must be changed from the desktop computer. If the Telehealth Software is set up to use Active Directory, then the My Settings screen will appear as shown below:

my settings ad.bmp

Name and username are displayed but are not editable.  If there is an error in this information, contact the system administrator to update it.

Step 3:       Once all information is updated, click the Save button.  User is returned to the Start screen.