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General Rules and Restrictions

The following is a list of basic conditions that apply to sensitive cases:

Cases marked as sensitive will be flagged with the sensitive case icon.

The only people who can see a sensitive case (as in listed case search results) are the creator and the ones to whom it has been sent. Otherwise sensitive cases are not visible.

Members of a group to which a case has been sent can see the case.

Clinical administrators and system administrators can see sensitive cases in case search results if they specifically check a box requesting do to so.

Only real cases can be marked as sensitive.

Sensitive cases cannot be sent to test users.

When a case is marked as sensitive, the Notify Other User feature is disabled.

Archived cases can be flagged as sensitive or can have the sensitive case flag removed by providers who have handled the case, by members of groups to whom the case has been sent, by clinical administrators, or by system administrators. This can be done only by users in the organization where the case was created.