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Patient Sources

The Telehealth System can be connected to an external medical record system for the purpose of importing patient records. Once that connection has been established, it is best to use the patient record from the medical record system and not patient records entered directly via the Telehealth Software. The figure below shows how a list of patients will appear when patient records are brought in from an external medical record system (showing the result of a search for Mary Thomas).


Green buttons indicate that the patient information is from an external medical record system. A gray button indicates the patient information was entered via the Telehealth Software.

Note that Mary Thomas appears to have been entered twice: once from the medical record system, and once from a direct entry into the Telehealth Software. Because the patient record in the medical record system is typically more current and complete, that information should be used when creating a case. If the patient record needs updating, contact the administrator of the medical records system.

Patient demographic information from an external medical record system will look like this: