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Perform Color Reset Adjustment (White Balance)

For otoscopes requiring a white balance adjustment, it is recommended that it is performed each day that the otoscope is used.  Details for the Welch Allyn AMD-300S otoscope are provided below.  If there is a different otoscope installed on your cart, refer to its user manual for details on performing a white balance.

For the Welch Allyn AMD-300S otoscope:

Step 1:       Ensure the Light Intensity Control Knob is at full intensity.

Step 2:       Place a piece of white paper on a work surface and aim the light ½ to 1 inch away from the paper.

Step 3:       Push and hold the Color Reset button.  The indicator light next to the button will begin to flash.  It will stop flashing when the reset is complete. Release the button.

Note that if the white balance adjustment was already correct, the indicator light next to the Color Reset button will not flash, indicating that the balance is set.