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Print a Case

With a case open, click on the Print button.

There are three options for printing:  current view, Case Summary and Case Summary for Billing.  The last two options generate the same information throughout a case.  The first option will print whatever part of the case is open in the preview window.  The two exceptions are noted in the window:  the ECGs and Spirograms must be printed from their respective viewers (see the Printing ECGs and Spirograms section below for details).

Click on a Print button in the print options window, a print preview opens (in this example, the Print button for case summary was selected).

At the bottom of the preview window are buttons for printing and going back.  To print what is in the preview screen, click on the Print button.  A print screen for the printer will open. Proceed to print as with other documents.


Printing ECGs and Spirograms