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The following is an example procedure for connecting from a remote location into a Cart. 

IMPORTANT: the organization may have policies implemented that prevents using this function, or requires a different configuration for establishing the connection.  Contact technical support before utilizing this feature:

Step 1:       From the remote computer, click the following: start button, All Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection.

Step 2:       In the Computer field, enter the address information for the target computer. Work with the IT department to determine the correct address.

Step 3:       Click Options.

Step 4:       Go to the Display tab and select a Display Configuration of 1024 x 768 pixels. This matches the default screen resolution for the Cart.

Step 5:       In the Colors area, select the highest color resolution possible based on network performance.

Step 6:       Click the Local Resources tab. In the Local devices and resources area, click More.

Step 7:       Ensure Drives is checked. This allows easy transfer of files between the drives on the remote computer and the drives on the Cart. Both sets will be available in Windows Explorer within the remote session.

Step 8:       Click Connect at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Accept or affirm any additional confirmation messages that may be displayed.

Step 9:       Enter the Windows login credentials used for logging into the Cart.

Step 10:     At the Cart, there may be a message advising that someone is attempting to log into the computer. It may be necessary to have personnel at the Cart click the Yes button to allow the remote login.

Step 11:     If the Cart’s desktop is displayed, click on Start, All Programs, AFHCAN Telehealth Client, AFHCAN Telehealth Client, or if using v5.3 or above, Start, All Programs, Telehealth Consult, Telehealth Consult Cart.

Step 12:     Log into the Cart software with user credentials and operate the Cart remotely.

Step 13:     To terminate the remote session:

exit the Cart software (Log Out button)

click on the Start button and click on Log Off to close the remote session window.

Note: failure to log off may prevent local users from logging into the local computer.