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Record New Stethoscope Reading

To add a digital stethoscope reading:

Step 1:       From the Add to Case screen, click the Stethoscope button.  The Stethoscope screen opens.


On the Stethoscope screen are drop-down menus for adding details about the reading.  None of it is required to take a stethoscope reading, but for sending the reading in a case, the details are helpful to the person reviewing the case.

The first drop-down menu is the Exam description.  The options include Heart, Lungs, Artery or Other.  If Other is selected, a text box opens, allowing specifics to be typed in.

Based on the selection in the first drop-down menu, the options will adjust in the second drop-down menu, Location of chest piece.  For example, if Heart is selected, then the location options available apply to the heart, such as 2nd Right Intercostal Space. If Other is selected, a text box opens, allowing specifics to be typed in.


The Patient Position drop-down menu has options for what position the patient was in for the reading. Position drop-down detail.bmp

The Technique drop-down menu has options for the process used during the reading, such as actively coughing.

There is also a text box for entering any additional information.

At the bottom of the screen is the Interval drop-down menu.  Options included are Continuous, 10 Seconds, 30 Seconds and 60 Seconds.

If one of the options with a designated amount of time is selected, the stethoscope reading will stop after that interval has passed.  If Continuous is selected, then you will have to manually stop the reading.

Step 2:       If adding a reading to a case, complete details on Stethoscope screen.

Step 3:       Ensure that the chest piece is connected to the stethoscope controller and that the light designates that the controller is in Transmit Mode.

Step 4:       With the chest piece in place, click on the Record button.  If a time duration was selected, the reading will automatically stop at the end.  If Continuous was selected, click on the Stop Recording button when finished recording.

Note: Use the handswitch or footswitch to toggle the recording function on and off.