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Review a Case

Cases are sent back and forth through the Telehealth System.  When there is a case to review, notification will appear on the Start screen in blue wording next to the Cases To Review button.


To review cases:

Step 1:       From the Start screen, click on the Cases To Review button.  The Case List screen opens, with cases separated into various categories.


Cases are separated into the following possible categories:

Your Cases on Hold

Cases Sent to You

Cases Sent to Your Group [Specific Group]

Test Cases Sent to You

Test Cases Sent to Your Group [Specific Group]

Categories only appear if there is at least one active case for that category.  If user belongs to multiple groups, there will be a separate section for each group with an active case.

Step 2:       Click on the plus sign next to a category to expand it and display individual cases.

Step 3:       Click on the View button for a specific case to open it.  Click on each thumbnail in a case to view the specific details of the case.

The remainder of this section addresses features when viewing items in a case.


Viewing Activity

Viewing Images