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Save Dental Camera Images

Step 1:       Select the thumbnail image on the left side.  A green check mark is automatically added to the Save box next to it and the image opens in the preview pane.

Step 2:       Below the image is a field for a label.  Enter a label name.

Step 3:       Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all images to be saved.  Note that if an image does not have a check mark next to it, it will be discarded.

Step 4:       After all images to be saved have a check mark next to them, click on the Save button on the right-hand side.  All images marked as save will be added to the case and the rest will be discarded.  Case screen returns.

Note that if you have not identified a patient for the case, you will be prompted to do so before any action on the case can take place (such as placing it on hold).

For details on maintenance procedures see the dental camera manufacturer’s user manual.