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Save Spirometer Readings

Multiple test sets for a patient can be saved to a case.  If there was a calibration report taken, save this with the case.

By default, any test sets taken have a green checkmark next to them on the Spirometer screen.  Click on the green check mark to deselect it and discard the test. The test will not be saved.

Note that to include post-bronchodilator tests in the same test set as the pre-bronchodilator tests, add them before saving spirometer readings to a case.  However, always add a separate test set for the post-bronchodilator tests.  It is recommended to perform both while in the same test set.  See the Add Post-Bronchodilator Tests to Same Test Set section above.

Step 1:       With all test sets to save to a case marked with a green check mark, click on the Save button.  Thumbnails for each test set/calibration report are listed in the Case screen.  Clicking on the thumbnail will open a preview window.

Optional Step:  To print reports, see the Printing ECGs and Spirograms section below.