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Saving Stethoscope Reading

It’s possible to take multiple stethoscope readings.  If additional readings are to be recorded, make sure that the chest piece is connected and click on the Record New button.  Follow the instructions for recording a stethoscope reading.

Designate which readings are to be added to a case.  All readings by default have a green check mark next to them.  Click on the green check mark to deselect it and discard the test. The test will not be saved.

Each reading has an automatic label assigned to it that includes the date and time of the reading, as well as the interval.  To edit this information, click the thumbnail and change details in the Label field at the bottom of the screen.

Once all readings to be saved have a green check mark next to them, click on the Save button.  The readings are added to the case, and user is returned to Case screen.