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Search Archived Cases

Archived cases can be searched.  Archived cases are read-only, with the exception that a comment can be added or case information printed.  Note that activity in archived cases is recorded.  A warning window opens when attemptting to view an archived case.

Step 1:       From the Start screen, click on the Search Archives button.  The Archive Search screen opens.


Step 2:       Enter search information.  All fields do not need to be complete.

Step 3:       Click the Search button.  A list is generated of archived cases that fit the search parameters.  Click a plus sign to expand a list.

Step 4:       Click the View button for the corresponding case.  A pop-up window asks to confirm that the user want to view the case, recognizing that user information will show up in the activity log.  Click the OK button.  The case opens, with “Archived Case” listed at the top.


View the archived case, or add a comment and print.