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Send a Case

Each time information is saved to a case, the user is brought to the Case screen.


From the Case screen, there are options to add more to a case, add a comment and print.  If finished with a case, click the Done button.  When the Done button is clicked, the Send Case screen opens.


The Send Case screen has four options:  Send, Hold, Archive, and Discard Changes.  Clicking on the Discard Changes button will not save changes to a case.  If a new case is created and the Discard Changes button is clicked, the entire case will be deleted.

To send a case:

Step 1:       Click on the Send button.  If the organization has relationships with other organizations, a Send Where screen appears.  Note that if a default recipient is set,  the user will be taken directly to the Send Summary screen in Step 3.


Step 2:       Select the organization to send the case to by clicking the Select button next to it.  A Send To Whom screen opens showing all global groups and users from that organization.  If the organization does not have a relationship with another organization, the user will be taken directly to this screen, and it will display all groups and users for that organization.


For a more detailed explanation of users and groups, see the User vs. Group section below.

Step 3:       Select the recipient (whether a group or user) by clicking on the corresponding Select button.  The Send Summary screen opens detailing transmission details and all items included in the case.  Note that the case has not yet been sent.  If a default recipient is set, the user will be taken directly to this screen.  To set a default recipient, see the optional step at the end of this section.


Step 4:       Review transmission details.  If all information is correct, click on the Send button.  A confirmation screen is displayed.  In the upper right corner, it will say “1 Case in Transit”. 


Depending on the size of the case and the transmission speed, it may take longer for it to send.  Once it says “0 Cases in Transit” in the upper right corner, the case has been sent.  Note that a case will continue to transmit after logging out of the software; however, if the cart is shut down completely before a case has been transmitted, it will not be sent until the next time the cart is on.  It is generally best practice to ensure that a case has been sent before logging off, but if a case is taking a long time, log out and keep the cart turned on.  Continue to create cases while a case is being transmitted.

Optional Step:  While on the Send Summary screen, one of the button options is Set Default Recipient.  If the recipient is a group/user that the user repeatedly send cases to, click the Set Default Recipient button.  Once a default recipient is set, the user will automatically be taken to the Send Summary screen with the default recipient in the transmission details when the Send button is clicked.  For cases to be sent to a different group/user,  click on the New Recipient button and select a recipient as outlined in steps 2 and 3 above.


User vs. Group