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Take Spirometer Reading

By default, the most common type of spirometer reading, FVC (Forced Vital Capacity) is selected.  Select VC (Vital Capacity) or MVV (Maximum Voluntary Ventilation) by clicking the corresponding button below the Start New Test button.

By default, the pre-bronchodilator test is set.  To add post-bronchodilator tests, see the Add Post-Bronchodilator Tests to Same Test Set section below for instructions.  If the test set is post-bronchodilator readings only, click on the Post button above the Start New Test button.  Note that if the test set does not have pre-bronchodilator readings, a pop-up window will make note of this.  Clicking on the OK button will allow user to move to Post mode.

Alter the incentive view for the patient (what the patient views while performing the test).  See the Change Incentive section below.

Step 1:       Click on the Start New Test button.  A window will briefly appear while the sensor zeros out.

Step 2:       Instruct the patient to fill lungs with air, place mouth over mouthpiece and blow until they cannot anymore.  The software will alert the user if a test is acceptable or not.  Obtain at least 3 acceptable tests and do not exceed 8.

Step 3:       When finished with readings, click on the Save Review button.  User is returned to the Spirometer screen, with a thumbnail of the test set in the left-hand column.  Note that test sets are not yet saved to a case.  See the Save Spirometer Readings section below.