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Working Online vs. Offline

The Telehealth Cart software is designed to be used regardless of whether it has a connection to its server for transmitting data.  When a cart is unable to communicate with its server due to loss of network connectivity or other reasons, it will be listed as working in offline mode.

off line.bmp

When in offline mode, the software can still be used to create cases.  No data can be transmitted in this mode.  When in offline mode, most buttons in the Start screen are black and white and are not able to be clicked on.


If cases are completed, they will be queued in the software to send as soon as the cart is in online mode.  The user does not need to be logged in for cases to be sent, but the cart must remain on.  As soon as the Telehealth Cart has a network connection to its server, queued cases will automatically be sent.

When the Telehealth Cart has a network connection to its server, it is in online mode.

on line.bmp

When in online mode, cases are transmitted immediately and all functions are active.  Please note that the cart must stay on in order for cases to be transmitted.  It is generally best practice to wait until it says “0 Cases in Transit” in the upper right-hand corner before logging out, just to ensure proper transmission of cases.