AFHCAN’s unique combination of product and program development makes telehealth easy.


AFHCAN has developed a complete telehealth solution for the changing world of health care delivery. The combination of an award-winning store-and-forward system coupled with highly-successful clinical program development has made AFHCAN a leading authority in the telehealth world.

Health Care

AFHCAN offers a diagnostic store-and-forward platform with the ability to create a telehealth case containing textual information and data from biomedical peripherals, and send the case for consultation. Health care professionals are able to view the data and respond to the case using a standard PC workstation.


In working with multiple independent health care organizations for nearly a decade, AFHCAN has developed an evolving line of supported telehealth services. Our program development staff collaborates with individuals and organizations to establish successful telehealth programs that fit within existing clinical workflows.

The tConsult software suite is the complete telehealth software solution for your organization. tConsult provides end to end care from the originating site to the consulting site and beyond, regardless of distance.
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AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart
AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart
The AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart provides support for a wide variety of biomedical peripherals. Integrated with the tConsult software, telehealth is made easy.
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