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Version 4 Telemedicine Cart

AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart

The AFHCAN Telemedicine Cart integrates biomedical peripherals, wireless network capability, and power management hardware that allows health care professionals to:
  • Capture patient information using electronic forms and integrated biomedical peripherals
  • Capture information from external imaging devices such as microscopes, ultrasound and surgical scopes
  • Forward information to other professionals at distant locations for review and consultation

Small enough to fit through a doorway, the cart has large rubber wheels to negotiate uneven floor surfaces, a low center of gravity to maximize stability, and is designed to meet the ergonomic needs of a variety of users. The cart is designed for patient safety with low EMI and a patientsafe isolated power system.

Three Lockable Drawers
A full 20 inches wide, each drawer has a rear hinged cable canter that allows power and instrumentation cables to be run to any of the drawers. The top drawer supports a flatbed scanner and a work surface suitable for folders or paper documents. The middle drawer may be used for supplies or equipment. The final drawer comfortably stores most devices that require USB, Firewire, Video, and AC/DC power. A central covered channel provides cable management and configurable dividers may be used to create up to six device bays.


Digital Camera

The latest technology in high resolution digital cameras and docking stations are integrated seamlessly.

Dental Camera

The Evolution series by Digital Doc is a small dental camera with superior optics, auto focus and excellent color reproduction.

ECG (12-Lead)

The IQmark Digital ECG by Midmark Diagnostics is a highly advanced interpretative 12-lead ECG system.


Paper and film scanners are accessed through a simple, one touch user interface.


The Midmark Diagnostics Spirometer is an extremely easy to use diagnostic tool and is completely integrated with the tConsult software.


The TR USB Stethoscope can capture, transmit, and receive in digital format for the highest quality auscultation.

Vital Signs Monitor

The measurement of vital signs plays a fundamental role in medical evaluation and includes: blood pressure, pulse, pulse oximetry (O2 saturation), and temperature.

Video Conferencing

A pan-tilt-zoom camera with a software client that supports IP-based video conferencing with the latest H.264 compression for superior image quality.

Video Otoscope

Integrated camera and light source to provide clear, high resolution, wide angle views of the ear canal and tympanic membrane for ENT specialties.