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Add/Edit Patients

There are two types of patients:  Real and Test.  Test patients are used in the test case environment when learning to use the software.  Adding/editing test patients performs in the same way as real patients, but test patient data will appear with a purple banner across the top of the screen with the wording “Test Case”.  This documentation shows images demonstrating real case scenarios.  Providers can add new patients when creating cases as well.

Step 1:       To add/edit patients from the System Admin screen, click on the Patients (Real Cases) button or Patients (Test Cases) button if using test data. 

The Add/Edit Patient screen opens.

Existing patients are listed.  If there are multiple pages, you can move through the pages by clicking on the Next and Prev buttons.

Step 2:       If you are creating a new patient, click on the Click here to add a new patient button.  If you are editing an existing patient, locate the patient in the list and click on the corresponding Edit button.  The patient details open in the bottom half of the screen.

Step 3:       Enter/edit information for the patient.

All information in red is required

Entering data for all known fields assists later when forms are being used, as forms pull data from the patient profile.

Step 4:       Click on the Apply button.  The patient details close.