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Server-to-Server Communication

A connection can be set up between servers to facilitate communication of cases between organizations.  There are two means of providing this connection.  The first is through the use of a node.  This configuration is the recommended method to connect two servers on disparate networks.  The diagram below displays this connection.

server node 02

Server-to-server communications are set up by the system administrator with the assistance of your technical support staff.  Once a connection is set up between two servers using a node, information is directed through the node and communicated to each server.

Another type of server-to-server communication removes the use of a node and the servers communicate directly with each other.  This type of connection is referred to as a peer-to-peer server connection and can be used when servers are on the same network.  The diagram below displays this connection.

Your technical support staff will determine which type of connection is best in your work environment.